about emma

Short Bio

Emma Persky is a vocal technology evangelist, an avid traveler and vibrant storyteller. You can’t miss her with her bright red hair and distinctively British accent. When Emma is not at home in New York, engineering search software at Google, she can be found on an intrepid expedition, collecting stories for her other blog, travellerwithatale.com.

Longer Bio

By way of London, Emma Persky now lives in New York where she is a software engineer on the search team at Google. She graduated with an honours degree from Imperial College in Computing, where she wrote her dissertation on Vision Based Tracking for System’s Control, where she attempted to build a system out of commodity hardware for hand gesture tracking. Later on she started honing her data science skills at Trampoline Systems where she worked on their Sonar product, analysing the social structure of organizations based on implicit social graph data, and semantic analysis of author-recipient content.

When not at home in New York, she can probably be found searching out fresh powder, skiing like she was a snowboarder, or in some other far flung adventure capturing moments for her other great passion, storytelling – just ask her about the time she fell down the Grand Canyon, or *that* time in Tokyo.

Public Speaking

Emma has spoken at numerous conference and events around the world, and is available to speak on subjects such as data science, analytics and software engineering. She also loves to teach, and is very interested in hearing from people who love to learn.

Recent talks and classes include

  • Mentor – Technology mentor, NYU Hacks, New York, November 2013
  • Mentor – Technology mentor, Startup Weekend, New York, August 2011
  • Teacher: “Beginning Ruby” – Girl Develop It, New York, November 2010, February 2011
  • Talk: “First Hand Experiences of a First Time PayPal Developer” – PayPal X Innovate, San Francisco, October 2010
  • Talk: “Content Analysis is King” – Web 2 Expo NY, New York, September 2010
  • Talk: “Content Analysis is King” – DiBi Conference, Newcastle, April 2010
  • Panelist “Don’t Stop Believin’” – SxSW Interactive Festival, Austin, March 2010
  • Panelist “Gender, Media and Technology” – Girl Geek Dinners, London, August 2009
  • Talk: “The Future is Ruby without Rails” – Future of Web Apps, Dublin, March 2009


Bio Pictures
I have several pictures available in both online and print format available for use with my bio. Please feel free to reproduce.